I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my jazz piano transcriptions. I will be adding more of these over the next few weeks...

Street Life Piano Solo - Crusaders

This is one of my favourite Rhodes solos, performed by Joe Sample on the studio album 'Street Life' by the Crusaders featuring Randy Crawford. There are two versions of this song: the most popular, of which the piano solo is transcribed here, is from the eponymous 1979 album. There is also a slightly naff version of Street Life on the Jackie Brown Soundtrack, although the keyboard solo isn't half as good. I also found another obscure jazz transcription on this site though I can't figure out which version it's of.

In a nutshell, this is the most popular version. Apologies if my transcription isn't 100% correct.

If you don't own a copy of the recording (Street Life - Album Version) you can hear it on this YouTube clip - on the clip the solo begins at 3:06 and ends at 4:16. If that clip doesn't work try this one and zoom forward to 3:46.

To download the transcription of Joe Sample's Street Life piano / keyboard solo, please choose one of the options below:

Street Life Piano solo PDF
Street Life Piano solo DOC

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