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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you take last minute bookings?
A: Yes, we often receive calls from clients whose scheduled performers have let them down at the last minute. Give us a ring and if we're free we'll do our best to help. And even if we are booked we can probably put you in touch with someone who can help.

Q: How long do you play for?
A: Typically we play for 2 x 50 mins, with a short break in the middle. This is normally enough to cover most dinners from starters through to coffee. From time to time we perform three sets, or perhaps 2 x 1 hour. Get in touch and we will work something out.

Q: Are you any good?
A: Yes! Between us we have decades of experience performing professionally in and around Nottingham. We are all experienced and proficient musicians, and we produce a great sound together. We create music that sounds good in a wide variety of settings, drawing on a range of cheerful toe-tapping tunes.

Q: Why should I hire you?
A: Most clients hire us because they want to add something special to their event. The right music is a brilliant and easy way to boost an event's atmosphere, and it works wonders in relaxing guests, getting them in the right mood, and most importantly enhancing their enjoyment of a party/dinner/ball/reception.

Q: Are you local to Nottingham?
A: Yes, we pride ourselves on our local roots. Most of our players come from Nottingham or live nearby in the East Midlands. Many jazz bands that advertise online purport to be local when in fact they're administered from London or the South East. Their customers face agency fees and travel expenses on top of the performers' costs. You can avoid this expense by booking Nottingham Jazz, not to mention supporting local musicians whilst minimising the carbon footprint of your event.

Q: Do you have your own equipment?
A: Absolutely, yes. We bring everything we need, including a digital piano and amplification equipment. We tend to require just one plug socket within a reasonable distance (up to 15 m) of where the band will set up. We don't use much electrical power - only a few hundred watts.

Q: Will you play in our house or garden?
A: Yes, of course. We are very flexible, and have performed in all manner of places over the years, including marquees, gardens, kitchens, dining halls, bars, and even airports and supermarkets. Just tell us where you want us and we'll do the rest.

Q: Aren't drums a bit too loud?
A: No. Skillful jazz drummers produce a tasteful sound that is worlds apart from rock, pop or heavy metal. A good jazz band should be there to add to the atmosphere, not to overpower it. We play at an appropriate volume: neither too loud nor too soft.

Q: How can we pay you?
A: You can pay us in a number of different ways, including cash, cheque or bank transfer. We provide full invoices for all the work we do.

Q: Is your electrical equipment safe and tested?
A: Yes. By law, most venues require us to hold valid PAT certificates for all electrical appliances, leads and extensions. If you or your venue would like to request copies of our PAT certificates please get in touch.

Q: Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?
A: Yes. As members of the Musicians Union we hold Public Liability cover up to £10,000,000. This covers legal liability that may arise following injury or damage to members of the public. If you or your venue would like to see our certificate please get in touch.


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