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senditnow.com review

You’ve arrived here because you want to know if senditnow.com is any good, right?

Well, I tried to send a parcel with them. The first time didn’t work: once I’d figured out the tracking number they email you won’t work on their site (you have to manually truncate it so that ‘PBNS1034160001′ becomes ‘NS1034160′ which you can then paste into the tracking page) I realised that Parcelforce had wrongly marked my package as accepted and picked up. Which of course it wasn’t as it was still sitting on my floor.

I emailed them to complain, and they were reasonably responsive, though I had to threaten a credit card chargeback to get the refund, which duly arrived.

Second time more lucky: placed the order in the morning, and later that afternoon the parcelforce man came to pick up the package. You can see the signature on the parcelforce website, and it was cheap (£11.50).

It seems senditnow, royal mail and parcelforce are all joined up, and while there are other ‘parcelforce resellers’, senditnow appears to be closer to parcelforce (who do all the work) than others. Why my delivery failed the first time I don’t know, it could just be the driver didn’t feel like picking it up and ticked the accepted box fraudulently.

Also, the website gives you no idea when they might come to pick it up, and they don’t call or email to confirm. So you’ve just got to cross your fingers and hope. Good luck!

But at £10.50 for up to 30kg you won’t find much better value.

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