» Where can I get a VISA Electron Card?

Where can I get a VISA Electron Card?

If you’re wondering how to get a VISA Electron Card, I’d bet that you’re trying to avoid Ryanair’s exorbitant credit card charges. Apparently a handful of UK highstreet Banks offer Electron cards with their simplest checking accounts. But these take time to set up and get delivered. By that time you’ll have missed the cheap flights. Is there an alternative?

YES! Go to www.entropay.com, sign up for an account. Here’s how it works: you charge up your account from an existing credit/debit card, then they give you ‘virtual’ VISA card details. They charge 4.9% of any top ups to your Entropay account. The beauty of Entropay is that you can trick Ryanair into thinking your virtual card is a VISA electron card, thus saving a load of cash on credit card fees.

For example, for return flights @ £1 each for two people, £4 total, Ryanair will try to shaft you for £20 in fees. With Entropay you only lose 4.9% of £4. Bargain or what?

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