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  Canon LP-E5 replacement batteries - Any good?

I spent a long time searching Google to find out whether any of the (many) non-branded replacement LP-E5 battery packs for my Canon EOS 450D (Rebel Xsi) were any good.

The battery model is Canon LP-E5. You can buy the real thing for around 30 as of Nov 2008. Canon's LP-E5 is rated at a hefty 1080mAh / 1080 mAh, at 7.4V.

Many cheaper replacements are rated at 800mAh, for example this one from 7dayshop. At least they're honest. Many other replacement LP-E5 batteries claim to rival or exceed Canon's stated 1080mAh, although it's dubious whether their claims are accurate.

But I found one reasonably respectable brand on Ebay, manufactured by Sido, from Hong Kong. I ordered four of them from Ebay seller candyhk168 and they arrived in about 5 days, nicely packaged. The total came to USD 28, which ain't bad.

But more importantly, the batteries do seem to work! They arrived half charged, and seem to yield as many pictures as my original Canon LP-E5 battery. I'm not sure whether the Sido replacements actually squeeze in and extra 200mah, but they certainly hold as much juice as the Canon LP-E5. This poster on this forum seems to think the Sido LPE5 does in fact last longer than his Canon LPE5!

Canon LP-E5 replacement battery, Sido, 1280mah

So in summary, if you're in the same position as I was, unsure of whether to get hold of some cheap LP-E5 replacements, then I'd heartily recommend going for the Sido LP-E5 from candyhk168 on Ebay!

Happy snapping!